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Millions of people rely on vitamins for optimal health which makes it difficult to imagine life without nutritional supplements.  Yet, back in 1931, when the science of nutrition was in its infancy, Vitaminerals' story began.

John Francis Gorman Senior, company founder, was a nutritional pioneer. He saw a great need and an opportunity to help people improve their health.  Through trusted healthcare professionals and our many distributors Vitaminerals began dispensing the highest quality supplements of their time.

Our founder, John Francis Gorman Senior
Our founder, John Francis Gorman Senior
Groundbreaking Nutraceuticals.
In 1931, we set the standard for the science in nutrition.

From that humble beginning, Vitaminerals has been a trailblazer and helped create an industry when nutriceutical supplements were not part of the mainstream. Since then, Vitaminerals has grown into a globally recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative, science-based nutritional supplements, designed to assist healthcare practitioners in their endeavor to help their patients restore balance by correcting nutritional defects through controlled dietary supplementation.

Our Working Staff
Our Working Staff
Our Working Staff

Vitaminerals has been an innovator since our inception and often have our products been copied, but due to our personal commitment, the integrity and effectiveness in every supplement we manufacture is never quite duplicated.


"Where health is concerned, there can be no compromise with quality"

The science of tomorrow starts with the knowledge of yesterday and today and with people.  People with inquisitive minds. 

It can start with a colony of bacteria or a complex extraction.  It grows from delicate instrumentation in skilled hands.  Products, like people, grow from infancy-first slowly then to maturity. 

Finally the many ingredients of a product are brought together.  People and experience guard a product's integrity then with the help of machinery, form the product.

Science, people and machines to meet your needs.