From raw material to finished product, vigilance is the price of perfection. Without scientific care in manufacture, ingredients can lose much of their potential value.

This spirit of constant vigilance, expressed in terms of accurate controls, is typical of every detail of Vitaminerals' service to the profession.


Majestic tones of a great symphony are blended for a hundred instruments. In the hands of skilled musicians, individual harmonies complete a pattern of exacting perfection. Each note of the master’s work is dedicated to enrich the life of all who hear its beauty.

From nature's vast treasure house, the natural ingredients blended in Vitaminerals' products are as carefully measured, as skillfully compounded as a work of musical art. These perfected instruments of dietary supplementation are dedicated as aids to the doctor in his task of enriching the life and health of their patients.


Each single victory in the conquest of illness is the final merging of many forces patiently developed by the doctor through years of preparation, training and experience.

In the production of Vitaminerals, continuity of purpose is a vital force. The collective effect of long experience supplemented with progressively diligent research toward better methods for safeguarding potent ingredients represents added value in the finished product.


There are certain qualities by which people judge their fellow man. To the patient those qualities must add up to “reliability”.

In the production of Vitaminerals, technical skill and reliable, scientific, laboratory control have won the confidence of the profession for all Vitaminerals products.


As plodding research patiently peels the obscuring layers hiding true knowledge of the causes of disease, doctors become increasingly aware that frequently not one but many influences are involved in pathological processes.

Because the nutritional deficiencies contributing to human ills are often manifold, the Vitaminerals principle of multiple formulation offers a sound approach to dietary correction in the management of every case.


In the management of human ills, the use of well-chosen dietary supplements is a valuable aid to the reconstruction of nutritionally defective patients.

There is a place in every case for nutritional improvement—and a correctly formulated Vitaminerals for the doctor's purpose.


In the conquest of disease, the doctor's success may often depend on his ability to restore harmony in the complexity of bodily functions through careful recognition of all existing abnormalities.

In the formulation of Vitaminerals, the skillful blending of complex nutrients provides a multiple approach to the restoration of physiological harmony in the diet of a doctor’s patients.

There is a place in every case for nutritional improvement—and a correctly formulated Vitaminerals for the doctor's purpose.

Final Ingredient

Any nutriceutical product consists of individual ingredients. While most are the active components, some are functional, insuring both the integrity and stability of the product. But the sum of the materials does not make the product.

There is an additional ingredient that is not listed on the label. The final ingredient we speak of is not any individual component nor is it the quality or integrity of the product. It is the commitment to provide the finest product possible.