No other asset in the doctor's office is more valuable than his reputation for integrity. The confidence of his patients is a necessary complement to professional skill in correcting human ills.

In the production of VITAMINERALS, an upper-most thought is that our progress through the years has been marked by a growing awareness on the part of our doctors that a responsible manufacturer is the best source of supply for efficient healing aids.

A Challenge

The selection of proper dietary supplements for nutritionally defective patients is a vital challenge to the profession.

In the production of Vitaminerals there exists another challenge... challenge of perfection. Technical skill and scientific laboratory, control, combined with nation-wide clinical research help to achieve and maintain this quality in all Vitaminerals products.

Human Values

The ability of a doctor to inspire confidence stems from professional skill and the purposeful cultivation of qualities by which people measure human values.

In the production of Vitaminerals, technical skill and scientific laboratory control are complemented by attributes born of deep desire to better serve mankind. Honest pride and the human urge for perfection are among the hidden values which are inherent in Vitaminerals.

The Spirit of Progress

Today, many of the visions of 1931 are the realities of the present. This spirit of progress in the service of the profession, is the mark of merit recognized on every product bearing the Vitaminerals seal of quality.


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